Child Care

For your convenience Trenton Athletic Club provides child care for members and guests on a limited basis, please call for details.

Hours may change due to seasonal demand. Please call for current schedule.


Child Care Hours:
Monday - Thursday:
8:30 am - Noon
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Friday & Saturday:
8:30 am - Noon
Sundays: CLOSED


Child Care fees:
One child: $10 per month
Two children: $15 per month

Child Care Policies:
1. The parent who drops off the child in child care center must be the same one to pick up their child. Members and guests of TAC may only bring children who they are parent or legal guardian of to the Child Care Center.

2. Parent must remain in building with child.

3. Children 1-11 years old are allowed in center for a maximum of two hours.

4. No food, candy or gum is allowed in child center.

5. Bottles and sippy cups are allowed in child center.

6. For the child's safety, parents are responsible for changing diapers or bathroom situations.

7. If a child cannot be comforted in a 5-10 min. period parent will be notified.

8. Time-outs will be used to address behavior problems. Parent will be notified if needed.
Trenton Athletic Club reserves the right to remove or suspend children that are perceived as a
danger to others.

9. Child Care hours may vary during the year.

Trenton Athletic Club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

11. Toys from home are not permitted except for comfort items such as blankets or pacifiers.

12. For the benefit of everyone at the club, sick children are not allowed in child care. No exceptions. If your child exhibits any of the following symptons or conditions please keep him/her home. The following list includes, but is not limited to, a list of the conditions or behaviors that precludes a child at our child care center.

a) Any child with any contagious, bacterial, or infectious symptoms or conditions.

b) Any child with an undisgnosed rash or skin condition.

c) Any child with cold or flu symptoms, runny nose, fever, etc.

d) Any child that has vomoted.

e) Any child with diarrhea.

f) Any child who requires more care than staff can provide without compromising the health and safety ot the other children.

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